On Proportion




The concern of humans to understand the mysteries hidden in the Universe leads us to invent systems to give us a certainty about distance. Always thinking in terms of the greatness of our surroundings, humans have tried to create one unique measurement to standardize the whole of Space. Nevertheless all these attempts only give us wrong impressions because the only way to measure a proportion lies in the knowledge of the proportion itself, in knowing which Bara was used, for example to build a Cathedral. Even the smallest part of the building is related to the whole producing an organic equilibrium so it is necessary to know the proportion that has been used.



We know that all living beings have something in common something shared with other Galaxies, and with the great forces of Nature. This shared miracle is named AUREO, and it exists in numbers, measurements, movements, sounds, colours and shapes. It is the Rhythm of the Universe known as PULSE. In this way LA DIVINA PROPORCION (DIVINE PROPORTION) is derived from the pulse of the human heart, the manifestation of life, which encompasses all forms of life.



Intellectually luminous people deemed that they should be at once Gods and Creators, attempting to reproduce natural proportions, in: Physics, Chemistry, Art, Architecture, Sculpture and Literature. It was believed that since every living being has Divine Proportion, Divine Proportion could be introduced into non-living things, so these things must come alive. It was Artists who came closest to this goal.



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